‘Ghost Gun’ parts made through use of 3D printer, claims Philly DA


By Dalila Hammons

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Philly District Attorney Larry Krasner announced the charges of unlawful possession of firearms and a controlled substance — the “ghost guns,” he said, last week. were partly manufactured by a 3D printer.

According to dispatches, “the individual is also suspected of manufacturing specific parts for firearms through the use of a 3D printer and of having completed the construction of “ghost guns” not found through online purchase. parts, in particular slides and barrels”.

The reports added, “After Gun Violence Task Force (GVTF) agents received a tip about these activities, authorities arrested Daniel Whiteman…on the morning of April 1, 2022. Whiteman was printing a receiver in polymer, which essentially houses the operational mechanisms of a firearm, when authorities executed a search warrant at his Roxborough residence.

It turns out that “Whiteman, who was convicted of robbery in Delaware County in 2013, was charged with three counts of possession of a prohibited firearm (6105), one count of gun delivery charge after 48 hours (6111) (M2), and an account of K&I (M),” the story said.

“Authorities believe Whiteman assembled at least 6 firearms prior to his arrest, including .9mm and .22 caliber Glock style firearms. It is also believed that he sold one of them and that this transferred weapon was later used in the commission of a shooting. Authorities also found gun-related supplies, including various calibers of ammunition, gun oil and gun magazines, as well as several rolls of 3D printer filament. Police also found what are believed to be two clear packages of heroin/fentanyl at Whiteman’s residence,” the article said.

The article explained that “the proliferation of phantom weapons locally and across the country is a serious concern among law enforcement. According to statistics from the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD), 95 ghost guns were recovered in 2019. This number increased to 250 in 2020, followed by 571 in 2021.

“The number of ghost guns confiscated by the PPD is expected to climb further this year as gun violence continues to escalate in Philadelphia and nationwide. Additionally, President Joe Biden on Monday unveiled new rules that prohibit so-called “buy build shoot” kits that allow buyers to assemble an unobtainable firearm in 30 minutes or less”, which raises some concerns.

DA Krasner said, “This chilling case is a clear example of why we need our state legislature to modernize gun safety laws that reflect the reality of 3D printing technology.”

Krasner added, “Our communities are demanding that state lawmakers in the thrall of the National Rifle Association wake up and start caring about public safety by enacting common sense gun regulations so we can prevent the next Mr. Whiteman to produce and traffic in life-threatening weapons. families and children »

GVTF Supervisor William Fritze explained that “The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Gun Violence Task Force wants the public to know that the clear and present danger posed by phantom guns is an issue we take extremely seriously. seriously”.

“We are committed to apprehending and appropriately prosecuting anyone who illegally obtains firearms and intends to use them to commit crimes,” he added.


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