Commercially available EFI Nozomi 18000+ LED single pass printer for display graphics

With a successful first installation and a second coming soon, the new EFI Nozomi 18000+ LED single-pass printer for point-of-sale and display graphics producers from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. is poised to redefine productivity. and new opportunities in signage production.

The 71-inch (1.8 meter) wide printer, which operates three to five times faster than all other scanhead printers according to EFI, is the first high-speed, single-pass digital printer designed and built for signage and graphic market display.

At the FESPA Global Print Expo in Berlin Messe, EFI announced that the printer is now available worldwide, with two sales already completed. Sales include a Nozomi 18000+ LED single-pass printer currently installed and operating in North America, and a second printer to be installed in Q3 at a customer in Europe.

Leveraging the capabilities of the EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus printer for direct-to-board corrugated packaging production, the Nozomi 18000+ LED printer delivers high-end output on a wide range of media in quantities as low as other digital solutions cannot match. For high-demand businesses, this presents an opportunity to increase profitability, capitalizing on the printer’s ability to deliver the lowest cost per square foot and lower overall total cost of ownership.

Driven by a high-performance EFI Fiery blade server digital front-end featuring next-generation color profiling technology, the printer is capable of printing on synthetic media and paper-based materials at speeds of up to 1 000 sheets or boxes per hour.

A winning combination of quality and speed

First announced last year, the EFI Nozomi 18000+ LED single-pass printer has made an industry first impression, winning the PRINTING United Alliance Pinnacle Product Award 2021 in the single-pass printer category. . The printer incorporates many of the innovations developed for the EFI Nozomi C18000+ LED printer – the most award-winning and largest single-pass inkjet offering on the market for the corrugated packaging space – and combines them with significant enhancements that enable higher quality display graphics, such as:
• Manual or fully automated feeding and stacking.
• Water/UV hybrid primer for printing on materials with limited adhesion.
• Optional pre-white for reflective and colored surfaces.
• Optional post-UV coating for weather resistance and UV protection.

“The demand for variable builds and jobs continues to grow,” said Todd Zimmerman, vice president and general manager of display graphics, EFI Inkjet. “It’s more important than ever for our very high-volume customers to keep up with faster turnaround times and ever-increasing capacity requirements. The EFI Nozomi 18000+ LED not only meets the productivity needs of a world that is changing faster than ever, but also represents the future of digital printing for the sign and display graphics market.

“With turbo throughput and unparalleled versatility, our signage and graphics customers can stay ahead of their competition and increase their ability to meet market demands that will experience accelerated growth in the years to come.”

Better quality at a lower total cost of ownership

This printer offers customers a wide range of applications for producing display graphics, with extreme efficiency. Users can lower their cost per square foot by eliminating the setup costs associated with analog printing. The EFI Nozomi 18000+ LED also offers digital print display graphics vendors who operate many different printers the ability to consolidate production onto a single, super-high-speed platform. Not only can this reduce overall space and labor requirements, but the printer’s ability to reduce production waste brings a greater environmental benefit to digital signage graphics printing.

Speed ​​doesn’t compromise quality with the Nozomi 18000+ LED printer. An on-board quality inspection system checks for color uniformity, as well as nozzle and other defects, to ensure optimum print quality. The printer offers a wide color gamut with up to seven colors with CMYK plus optional white, orange and violet inks.

EFI has custom-formulated and extensively tested genuine EFI Nozomi 18000+ LED series inks for the printer, and the printing system and inks have been developed in unison to assure users of quality, exceptional durability, reliability and consistency, with predictable running costs.


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