City Council approves new logo and patch for Picayune Police Department – Picayune Item


A new logo and patch for the Picayune Police Department was approved by the city council at this week’s meeting.

Police Chief Joe Quave presented the new crest and logo to Council at Tuesday’s meeting. He said that according to his research, the patch and logo are usually updated every 20 to 25 years. He started this process at the request of his fellow officers, who contributed to the design with the help of Barousse DeSigns.

The new logo is described as contemporary and incorporates the state and United States flag as well as the Latin term “semper progrediens”, which translates to “always in progress”. Council approved the new logo and crest.

In other cases, Quave said over the past two weeks, officers responded to 840 calls and made 22 arrests, including seven for criminal offenses.

It is also preparing for the return of National Night Out in Picayune, an event held each year to give the community the opportunity to get to know local law enforcement personnel personally. It was held every year in Picayune until the event was discontinued. It will take place on August 2 at 6 p.m. in Crosby Commons and the public is invited to attend.

Fire Chief Pat Weaver said city firefighters responded to a total of 37 calls, 18 of which were medical in nature and seven involved collisions. Of these collisions, four resulted in injuries.

Director of Planning and Development, Diane Miller, provided an update on the establishment of an Aldi grocery chain location in Picayune. She said the parent company had resolved wetland mitigation issues and was in the process of enforcing land requirements and other permits. She said the company had posted 52 job openings. She also got news about the planned construction of an Arbys location in Picayune. The old building on the proposed land where the restaurant chain will be built along Memorial Boulevard is now vacant, paving the way for the next stage of demolition of this old facility.

Within the Parks and Recreation Department, Director of Parks Trevor Adam credited police department officers for helping his staff ensure Friendship Park is closed at night. Their help allows his staff to concentrate on other tasks.

Special Projects Director Lisa Albritton said she was still planning things for the last movie night of the summer. Scheduled for August 6 at Friendship Park, civic groups and local businesses, such as the Exchange Club of Picayune, M&M Printing and Coldwell Banker will be on hand to provide school supplies for children. She said there will also be vendors from Outfielders Pizza and Nell’s Sweets & Treats.


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