[CES 2022] MicroEJ Open Virtual Container Technology

  • The Android alternative for IoT [or] Similar to Android’s “Write Once, Deploy Anywhere” for the IoT world
  • Over 100 million MicroEJ-powered Smart Edge devices sold
  • Support for all major ARM chips (MediaTek, NXP, Qualcomm, Sony, ST…)

BOSTON, December 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – MICROEJ VEE is a software container technology, similar to Android, but designed for the low cost, low power chips used in IoT Edge wireless devices, from small cloud-connected sensors to smartwatches to satellites! MICROEJ VEE’s standard virtual containers cut industrial and consumer electronics design and time to market in half, and support all major ARM chip vendors including MediaTek, NXP, Qualcomm, Sony, ST Microelectronics and more!

“Today there are more than 100 billion electronic objects produced per year in the world, or nearly 10 devices per person per year”, specifies Fred Rivard, CEO of MicroEJ. “To help with this IoT deluge, manufacturers around the world have chosen MicroEJ’s virtual technology as an alternative to Android Things for their everyday electronic objects, whether connected or not.

Quick facts about MicroEJ (pronounced ‘micro-edge’):

  • More … than 100 million MICROEJ VEE virtual containers sold;
  • Global presence with 8 offices around the world: USA, France, Japan, South Korea, China, Romania, Germany, Brazil;
  • Over $40 million invested in research and development;
  • Opens the IoT revolution to the world 35 million software developers supporting all major computer programming languages ​​including Java, JavaScript, C, Kotlin ...

MicroEJ brings the concept of cloud-native virtual software containers, popularized by VMware and Google’s Android, to the world of IoT, from smart homes to home appliances, smartwatches, power and utilities, to the world of IoT. industry 4.0, 5G, robotics and artificial intelligence, Health, Medical Devices and even Micro-Satellite “, explains Jeb Su, senior analyst at Atherton Research. “Virtual containers are a revolution for the IoT that will dramatically accelerate the time to market for industrial and consumer electronics, reduce their energy consumption and prices, while mitigating the impact of future shortages of electricity. fleas. “


MicroEJ is recognized by leading electronics manufacturers for its solution that facilitates the design of electronic products, reduces the costs of their development and production while reducing the complexity of software embedded in electronic systems.

The company also contributes to:

  • Strengthen the supply chain of processors: MICROEJ VEE enables manufacturers to maintain their market presence by diversifying their suppliers of electronic components. The additional costs associated with managing multiple vendors are more than offset by reduced risk exposure, predictable revenue streams, and productivity gains. For more information, see our white paper “Chip Shortage Mitigation”.
  • Implementation of eco-design: Energy consumption is at the heart of MicroEJ’s technological innovation and enables manufacturers to change the way they think about the design of electronic products. MicroEJ contributes to this effort by enabling products to use cheaper electronic components with lower power consumption. For example, it is possible to gain up to several weeks of additional battery life on a connected watch. For more information, watch our webinar with our partner NXP.
  • Respond to changing trends: In the consumer electronics market, for example, the MICROEJ VEE Application Container enables products to be designed up to 3x faster, dramatically accelerating time to market. MICROEJ VEE also simplifies dynamic upgrades of new features on products already deployed to meet new user needs.
  • Bringing together a large community of developers: MicroEJ supports several programming languages ​​such as C language, Java, JavaScript and soon Kotlin. This helps stimulate the contribution of more than 35 million IT professionals around the world with the most open and standard development environments on the market. For more information, see our press release.

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  • Maintain our exponential growth and become the leading supplier of software application containers for electronic devices, including connected and wireless products.
  • In 2023, launch of an ultra-optimized hardware chip version of the software virtual container: a VPC (Virtualization Processing Core). For more information, see our press release.
  • In 2026, exceed one billion MICROEJ VEE sold!


In order to accelerate the development of smart devices and democratize the programming and electronic design of these products, MicroEJ uses containerization technology. It enables users to create an efficient and reliable process by paralleling software and hardware development.

The software application container is a widely used technology that enables the creation and execution of a software component for a multitude of divergent electronic systems. The development of a device involves a complex organization of different roles which must be organized efficiently. Containers standardize different roles and allow reuse of existing software and hardware components for faster time to market. This process is like a quick assembly of existing components, sometimes slightly modified.


After obtaining his doctorate in computer science, Fred RIVARD traveled to North America to be part of the core IBM team that led to the creation of software container technologies for PCs. After completing his MBA, Fred founded MicroEJ with the mission democratize software containers for the embedded world. “Since the inception of MicroEJ, I am proud to see our growing business made possible by loyal partners and great employees based around the world, contributing to our clients’ success in creating useful electronic devices that are extremely rewarding. for teams. It materializes our commitment to a better world, where technology helps solve everyday problems and Tasks,” says Fred RIVARD


Today, more than 120 companies use MicroEJ technology and its application container MICROEJ VEE. The main objective is to increase the efficiency of the “idea-design-production-maintenance” chain in order to respond as quickly as possible to customer needs and maintain a competitive advantage.

“Today things move so fast. The IoT is changing, the use cases are changing. Imagine if we could go faster and develop applications on top of that real time (print engine) and take them apart, manage them, so that we deliver in real time Our partnership with MicroEJ has enabled us to solve this problem.

Victor Salmons, Vice President, New Product Development, ZEBRA Specialty Printing Group

“We are particularly proud to work with MicroEJ to accelerate the integration of the Enki ecosystem. The realization of a universal cloud protocol allows our partners to integrate their products in complete autonomy into the Enki cloud and to benefit from easy-to-use software tools to accelerate their software development. This awareness translates into a significant increase in Enki-compatible connected devices and a better user experience for our customers.

Pierre-Yes Hadengue, CEO of Enki Leroy Merlin

“We chose MicroEJ to save time. It is a flexible, reliable and secure solution that we are very satisfied with. We have not had any feedback for this product. This is something very important to us because the quality attests to our brand image.

Christophe TEILLOT – Senior Software Engineer at Hager

“With its incredible growth, the small electronics industry is increasingly looking for both a low power graphical interface combined with impressive performance in a very small footprint. When NXP chose our Vivante GCNanoLite-V IP to build its next-generation i.MX-RT MCU, MICROEJ VEE was the natural one-device platform, as our combined technologies follow the same cost-driven logic and s ‘address the same markets. ”

Jarmon David, Sr. VP Worldwide Sales and Business Development at Verisilicon


From January 5 to 8, 2022, MicroEJ will be present at CES 2022 (Venetian Expo, Hall AD, booth 52529) as well as at CES Unveiled on January 3. We look forward to seeing you there and providing a live presentation of MicroEJ’s vision and future technologies and platforms.

About MicroEJ:

MicroEJ brings container virtualization to IoT and embedded devices. We focus on providing device manufacturers with secure application containers in markets where software applications require high performance, compact size, energy efficiency and cost-effective development.

With over 100 million products sold, all of the world’s leading manufacturers have chosen MicroEJ to design their electronic devices for a wide variety of industries, including smart home, wearable devices, healthcare, industrial automation, retail retail, telecommunications, smart city, building automation, transportation, etc.

For more information: http://www.microej.com

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