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Canva takes on Google and Microsoft with its new offerings. Photo: Supplied

Canva has unveiled a new suite of products that will directly compete with Microsoft and Google as part of the Australian tech giant’s ambitious plan to be “one of the world’s most valuable companies”.

Canva on Wednesday announced its new Visual Worksuite, a new product collaboration targeting large workplaces, providing an “end-to-end visual communication platform.”

New products include a document and presentation editor that will directly compete with Google Docs and Microsoft’s PowerPoint, as well as video editing software.

The products were unveiled at the inaugural Canva Create event in Sydney this week, with the company marking over 85 million users worldwide, who make over 180 designs every second.

The local tech company has illustrious goals to be more than just a publishing tool, with significant expansion targeting workplace customers.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Canva co-founder and CEO Melanie Perkins said her goal is to be “one of the most valuable companies in the world.”

“It’s been amazing to see Canva’s continued growth over the past few years as more and more people embrace the power of visual communication to unleash their creativity and achieve their goals,” Perkins said.

“With the launch of our new Visual Worksuite, we are bringing simple design products to the workplace to empower every employee, in every organization and on every device. Visual communication is becoming an increasingly critical skill for teams of all sizes in almost all sectors.”

The centerpiece of the announcement is the launch of Canva Docs, a new collaborative document editing tool that the company says will “build on the best document editors that have come before it” – think Google Docs. – and also adds a range of new visuals-focused features. , charts and presentations.

“Documents are fundamental to how we communicate, yet the way we design them hasn’t changed in years,” said Kurt Lash, Canva’s group lead for publishing, in a blog post.

“With traditional document editors, adding rich graphics isn’t always a seamless experience – and because they’re designed for printers, their formats are static. But your documents can be as beautiful as they are functional.

“To stand out and make an impression in a world that has gone visual, you need to create documents that are visually stunning, engaging and impactful.”

Canva Docs will combine text, media and data visualizations into one document editing platform, with connections to the company’s other products and its content library of over 100 million design assets. .

“Imagine creating a project plan that includes the whiteboard your team brainstormed on, the presentation you used for the kickoff meeting, and the social assets or videos you plan to use — all in one place” , Lash said.

Canva Docs also includes a “convert to presentation” button, which will turn the document into a “beautiful presentation with just one click”, putting the product in direct competition with PowerPoint.

Canva Docs will officially launch later this year, but you can request beta access now.

The company also unveiled Canva Website, a tool for creating one-page websites such as landing pages, product sheets, event announcements and portfolios.

One of Canva’s most popular tools is its one-click background remover for photos, which it says has been used 930 million times. Users will soon be able to use this tool on videos as part of the Canva video suite, the company announced this week.

Canva also said its long-term goal of being a visual communications suite for teams is gaining momentum, with more than 4 million paid seats in Canva for Teams, a jump of more than 240% year-on-year. last.

Canva has grown rapidly recently, doubling its workforce in the past year and hitting a $32 billion valuation in August.


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