Canon large format printers to ‘Make It BIG’ at FESPA


Canon will showcase three European premieres of new large format digital printing solutions at FESPA in Berlin this week. “We are seeing an increasing number of customers seize new opportunities in large format graphics by opening up to other revenue streams.”

Cannon Colorado 1650

“Under the theme ‘Make It BIG’, Canon will help large format graphics professionals ‘Make It Eye-Catching’, giving them advice on how they can leave a lasting impression on their clients, whether terms of size, color, special effects or application customization,” Canon said.

“To show booth visitors how to ‘Make It Smart’, we are demonstrating a fully automated, end-to-end solution that allows attendees to track a print order of high-value, inspirational apps from submission to completion. final delivery. To show what can be achieved with this process, we will have a simulated retail store on the stand to show a range of print applications for a product and its packaging, as well as associated POP and promotional display applications. . Visitors will be encouraged to spot ‘Make It Grow’ opportunities, examining how they can grow their business in new markets and application areas, such as home decor or presentation and packaging. »

Canon will unveil three new technological innovations in the following categories:

Roll-to-roll printing

Large volume flatbed printing

Workflow Automation

Colorado 1650 350x233 tcm13 2199489The award-winning Colorado 1630 and Colorado 1650 (pictured right) will be on display to demonstrate how PSPs and print plants can benefit from UVgel technology. “With its ability to produce multiple applications, from stunning designer wallpaper and decals to high-impact front and backlit signage, the Colorado Series is the versatile investment that allows print professionals to expand their creative abilities and meet the tightest deadlines,” Canon said.

Canon dedicated a section of its stand to the “UVgel Wallpaper Factory” to allow visitors to see the production in action. This end-to-end solution showcases the capability of the Colorado 1650 when used inline with Fotoba’s jumbo roll, die-cut and rewind modules to produce a variety of select wallcoverings ready to ship. This configuration will put the Colorado 1650 to the ultimate test of productivity by demonstrating how customers can print large volumes of wallpaper around the clock.

Arizona 135 GT Front corner 4 3 350x233 tcm13 2199488Visitors to partner Farben-Frikell’s stand, adjacent to the Canon stand, can also learn more about the entry-level Arizona 135 GT UV-LED tray (pictured right). “This printer is the perfect investment for print professionals looking to expand their offering and branch out into large format flatbed applications such as retail graphics, point of sale (POS), short-run packaging, interiors, exterior graphics and backlit signage. As the only printer in its segment with a field-upgradable roll media option, the device can also produce tactile prints on a wide range of rigid and flexible media.

Canon will also be showcasing its Arizona 2380 XTF with IJC358 UV curable inks. Built around Arizona FLOW technology, the printer’s zoneless vacuum bed dramatically reduces the need for table masking or media gluing, dramatically speeding turnaround times. The printer can also work with more difficult substrates such as cardboard, wood or glass.

imagePROGRAF GP 4000 FRT 03 350x233 tcm13 2199490The imagePROGRAF GP-4000 (pictured right) will be on display to demonstrate how applications produced by smaller large format printers can perform as well as those printed on larger large format machines. “With ten colors including red, orange, green, purple and fluorescent pink, the imagePROGRAF GP-4000 can bring out vivid shades, reproduce perfect pastels and bring campaign visuals to life,” said said Canon. “It is also the world’s first wide-format printer with aqueous pigment fluorescent ink, delivering high value output for graphic applications such as posters and point-of-sale materials.

The imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 Series will highlight how fast-paced businesses working under tight deadlines can maintain rapid production of posters, CAD/GIS drawings, renderings and maps. “With excellent media handling on uncoated or lightweight coated paper, this rugged printer is the perfect choice for customers in the architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing industries, as well as professional print service providers and copy centers.”

Mathew Faulkner, EMEA Director, Marketing and Innovation, Wide Format Printing Group, Canon Europe, said: “We are now seeing more and more of our customers and prospects seize new opportunities in wide format graphics by opening up to other sources of revenue, new applications and more efficient ways of working to compensate for the drop in volumes during the pandemic.

“We take this opportunity to showcase the breadth of our range of technologies – we have a printer to suit every budget and size of printing operation. By using new technologies and automation, we can help our customers become even bigger and better, enabling them to succeed today and thrive in the future. It’s time for print professionals to step out of their comfort zone, see the big picture, and work with us to “succeed” and increase their chances of future success.


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