Bandai Namco is changing its logo again


Bandai Namco changed their logo again, before they even had the chance to start using the previously announced one.

The publisher revealed in October 2021 that it was discontinuing the old yellow, orange and red Bandai Namco logo, which was originally designed to represent the merger of Bandai and Namco when the two companies merged in 2005.

The October announcement said the new logo would feature the words Bandai Namco in a magenta bubble and would be effective from April 2022.

However, while today sharing details of its mid-term plan (April 2022 to March 2025) with shareholders, the publisher also revealed that the logo will now be red instead.

Bandai Namco is changing its logo again
The magenta logo announced in October 2021 is now replaced by a red one

The thought process behind the new logo was explained again during the Medium Term Plan report, and much of it repeats what was said in October when the magenta logo was revealed.

“The logo design incorporates ‘Bandai Namco’ in a pattern reminiscent of a speech bubble, called ‘fukidashi’ in Japanese,” the publisher said.

“Through this design, the logo expresses the potential of the brand to connect with people around the world through dreams, fun and inspiration and to inspire them with incredible ideas.

“The speech bubble also represents Japan’s manga culture, which has become popular around the world. In this way, the logo represents our determination to communicate and connect with fans around the world as we strive to create entertainment unique to Bandai Namco.

However, in October, Bandai Namco also said, “The magenta used as a pattern color not only represents diversity, but also creates a bright and fun impression and is easy to replicate.”

This has been replaced in the new medium term plan with a new explanation of the decision to make the logo red.

“For the color of the pattern, we sent questionnaires to employees around the world to collect their thoughts on the words that express images associated with the Group’s objectives,” reads the new explanation.

“Among the frequently cited words, we selected candidate colors using scientific methods linking words to colors. From these candidates, we have selected a bright red color that creates an enthusiastic, fun, active and bold impression.

The editor gave no reason for the change from magenta to red in its report. Indeed, it makes no reference to the magenta logo, as if that never happened.

Brand designer Nico Vliek, who has created logos for various entertainment brands including Scott the Woz and Cinemassacre, had previously shared his thoughts on the magenta logo on Twitter.

Vliek had pointed out that the magenta color made sense from a business perspective because it could be faithfully reproduced on most “normal” printers.


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