August 30, 2022 Call to order Chairperso – Mitchell Republic


August 30, 2022 Call to Order Chairman Bode called the regular meeting of the Davison County Board of Commissioners to 9:00 a.m. All council members were present. Deputy Auditor Matthews was also present. PLEDGE The pledge of allegiance was led by President Bode. APPROVE THE AGENDA Motion by Claggett, seconded by Kiner to approve the agenda as amended for the August 30, 2022 meeting. All members voted yes. Motion carried. APPROVE MINUTES Motion by Kiner, seconded by Blaalid to approve the minutes of the August 23, 2022 meeting. All members voted yes. Motion carried. CITIZEN INPUT Davison County resident Steve Sibson spoke about election integrity issues. Davison County resident Ryan Mueller spoke about the 409th Avenue road project. Mr. Mueller inquires about the timeline for the project. Mr. Mueller said he lives on Nathan Ave and 409th Ave. and did not receive a letter from the road department. Highways Superintendent Weinberg said the failure to include those who live on Nathan Avenue was an oversight and that letters outlining the project and timeline would also be distributed to those residents. REOPENING TO RETAIL (ON SALE) LIQUOR AND RETAIL (ON SALE) MALT BEVERAGE HEARING on-off sale) Malt Beverage & SD Farm Wine License hearing re Jeremy Andersen, legal description is S. 437′ of L2, exc . S. 375′ of this, Section 17, T 103 N, R 60 W. of 5th PM, Davison County, SD. All members voted yes. Motion carried. TABLE LIQUOR LICENSE HEARING Reider’s motion, seconded by Blaalid to file the hearing until September 20, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. for the consideration of the retail liquor license application (for sale) and retail malt (for sale on site) SD farmhouse wine and beverage license to Jeremy Andersen. All members voted yes. Motion carried. ADOPT THE RESOLUTION TO COMBINE THE CITIES FOR THE GENERAL ELECTION Motion of Kiner, seconded by Reider to combine the constituencies for the 2022 general election. A recorded vote was taken as follows. Blaalid – yes, Kiner – yes, Reider – yes, Claggett – yes, Bode – yes. Motion carried. DAVISON COUNTY RESOLUTION #083022-01 RESOLUTION COMBINING PREMISES FOR THE 2022 GENERAL ELECTION WHEREAS, SDCL 12-14-1 provides for boundary changes to already established electoral districts; and WHEREAS it is more cost effective to combine constituencies for the general election; and WHEREAS, in accordance with SDCL 12-14-4, this must not result in unreasonable wait times for voters. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Davison County Board of Commissioners that the wards be combined to form seven wards as follows: Ward 1 (Rome & Tobin Townships and Ethan Town) Ward 2 (Baker, Blendon, Mt. Vernon & Union Townships and Mt. Vernon City) Ward 3 (Badger, Beulah, Lisbon & Prosper Townships) Ward 4 (Sections 1, 2, 5-9, 11-14 and 17-36 of the Township of Mitchell: Sections 1-18, 24, 25 and 36 located in the Township of Perry) Wards 6 and 7 Wards 8 and 9 Wards 10 and 11 Wards 12 and 13 Wards 14, 15 and 16 Wards 5 (Sections 1 to 23 and 26 to 35 in the Township of Perry; 3, 4, 10, 15 Mitchell Township) Wards 18 and 19 Ward 20 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED; that this resolution be in effect each year that a general election is held, unless repealed or modified by a resolution duly passed. Dated August 30, 2022 _______________________________ Brenda Bode, Davison County Board of Commissioners Chairperson Attest: _____________________ James Matthews Davison County Assistant Auditor IN EXECUTIVE SESSION At 9:40 a.m., at the request of Director of Human Resources Meaney motion of Kiner, seconded by Claggett move into executive session to discuss personnel in accordance with SDCL 1-25-2. All members voted yes. Motion carried. OUT OF EXECUTIVE SESSION At 10:33 am motion by Reider, seconded by Claggett to exit executive session. All members voted yes. Motion carried. ACCEPT RESIGNATION Motion by Reider, seconded by Kiner to accept the resignation of Veterans Duty Officer Kraus effective September 13, 2022. All members voted yes. Motion carried. APPROVE ANNOUNCEMENTS Motion by Blaalid, seconded by Reider to approve an advertisement for a Veterans Service Officer. All members voted yes. Motion carried. Motion by Blaalid, seconded by Reider, to approve the advertisement of a part-time temporary administrative assistant position at the Office of Veterans Services. All members voted yes. Motion carried. DENIAL WELFARE In accordance with the recommendation of Social Welfare Intake Administrative Assistant Norwick, Reider’s motion, seconded by Blaalid to deny Welfare Application #72922 pursuant to SDCL 28-13-27 ( 6) (b) student at a post-secondary institution who has elected not to purchase health insurance. All members voted yes. Motion carried. APPROVE INVOICES Motion by Reider, seconded by Blaalid to approve the following invoices for payment. All members voted yes. Motion carried. GENERAL FUND: COMM: Teacher Fee/Retirement System SD-45.00; JUD: Prof Fees/Great Plains Psychological Services-4376.25, Midwest Wellness Institute-10 156.00; AUD: Trvl&Conf/First Bankcard-75.00; TREAS: Passport Postage/First Bankcard-134.25, Supplies/First Bankcard-74.99, McLeod’s Printing-54.95, State MV Supplies/First Bankcard-75.00, McLeod’s Printing-54.95, Minor Equip/First Bankcard-25.98, Pakor-173.70; STATES ATTY: Prof Fees/Landairsea Systems-160.00, Language Link-62.70, Repairs & Maint/A & B Business Solutions-78.59, Books/West Payment Center-506.01; CRT APPTED ATTY: Pub Def Cont/Alvine Law Firm-16,229.16, Douglas Papendick-16,229.16; SFTY BLDG PUB: Repairs/Menards-370.47, Water and Sewer/City of Mitchell-1,529.97; CRTHOUSE: Repairs and Maintenance/First Bank Card-65.80, Supplies/Jones Supplies-213.00; ROD: Supplies/First bank card-79.03; CO COORD: Copy Mach Maint/A&B Business Solutions-39.70; HR: Trvl & Conf/Safety Benefits-75.00; SHERIFF: Prof Services/FedEx-15.68, Publishing/Forum Comm Mitchell Republic-9.42, Ofc Supplies/Innovative Office-322.52; PRISON: Medicine/Mitchell Clinic-1,786.51, Prison Supplies/Jones Supplies-356.15, Laundry Supplies/Jones Supplies-147.52, Prisoner Food/Summit Food Service-5,546.94, Protection of Health/Avera Occupational-1,048.00, Contracts/Office Benefit-123.66, Inmate Services/Swanson Services-5.40; WELFARE: Ofc Utilities/Northwestern Energy-151.05; MENTAL ILLNESS: Committals/Douglas Papendick-101.00, Hearings/Avera McKennan Hosp-4 471.68, Yankton Sheriff’s Ofc-50.00; FAIR: Repairs and Maintenance/Advance Auto Parts-207.48, First Bankcard-121.52, Scott Supply-75.99, Buildings/Mebius Nursery & Landscaping-3,555.00, Minor Equip/First Bankcard-149.00; CO EXTENSION: Supplies/McLeod’s Printing-25.00, Utilities/Northwestern Energy-151.05; WEEDS: Utilities/Town of Mitchell-154.46; P&Z: Supplies/McLeod’s Printing-49.47; HIWAY: Utilities/City of Mitchell-43.74, Northwestern Energy-58.86, Projects/Ducks Unlimited-26,460.00, Other Projects/Department of Transportation SD-2,924.78; EMG MGMT: Supplies/Menards-474.96. ADJOURNMENT At 10:45 a.m., Chairman Bode adjourned the meeting and fixed the next regular meeting of the Council of Commissioners for September 6, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. ATTESTATION ___________________________ James Matthews, Deputy Auditor ___________________________ Brenda Bode, President Cost $77.16 and can be viewed free of charge at (Sep 10, 2022) 99415


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