Auburn teacher turned carpenter goes from birdhouses to picture frames and art kits | Local news


Whenever Moody travels to Africa, he teaches an SAT preparation course, does devotions, and develops relationships.

“The class I just finished last August has students in almost every Ivy League school. It was an incredible success of which I am only a small part, ”he said. “I have met amazing people. I just have story after story about the young people there and how eager they are to learn.

At the start of Moody’s woodworking journey, he had many sleepless, chaotic nights.

“Oh Lord, at first it was just me. I remember going upstairs to spend Christmas with my family and then running downstairs to spray paint frames,” Moody said in laughing. “They were wondering why there was smoke coming from the basement.”

Now Moody has a small team to help him realize his creative vision, and he is very grateful to them.

“We moved on to my team running the show and me responsible for the ideas. It has been a great blessing. Everyone is super close, ”he said.

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