Arsenal to launch their black away kit for the 2022/23 season


Arsenal to launch their black away kit

Arsenal are set to launch a new black away shirt for the upcoming 2022/23 season this summer during a tour of the United States.

Rumor has it that the new design will be officially unveiled on Wednesday, July 20. Therefore, Arsenal must launch the black kit for the first time that night in the Orlando v Arsenal game.

Some decent quality leaked images are floating around, so let’s take a look:

Arsenal to debut black away kit: our kit review

The design features a black/dark gray base, with a tonal pattern consisting of the letters “AFC” rendered in isometric 3D throughout, like something out of an MC Escher print (you know, those trippy stairs where up, down, left and right have no meaning). The Adidas branding, sponsors, Arsenal badge and presumably the name/number font are presented in a vibrant gold color, which really pops against the dark background. The Adidas shoulder stripes, however, are done in a light grey. Light gray looks good, but why not go all the way to gold?

Instead of the full Arsenal shield logo, only the barrel is above the heart, and the minimalist take works well here. Single cuffs and a round neck complete the design.

All in all, it’s an interesting look. At a glance, the geometric letter pattern has almost a dazzling camouflage effect, which has been in vogue for a few seasons, but not so strong in this case as it is done as a tonal overlay. The only complaint I have with the background effect is its layout/positioning. The placement(s) they chose to mirror the letterforms gives the shirt an odd sense of balance (or lack thereof), but that’s not a deal-breaker since the design lives in the background. The black/dark gray base color will also stand out in the EPL, as we’re usually presented with a sea of ​​reds and blues, with a few bright neon alternate highs.

Rating: A-

A fresh idea that will surely sell like hot cakes, this one is an overall winner. But gold stripes on the shoulders and maybe a better positioned background pattern could have made it perfect.

Arsenal’s new away kit for 22/23 is expected to be available later this summer.


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