Another graffiti art event coming to Everett this week


Last month, graffiti artists from across the country came to Everett, Washington to participate in Going All City Northwest where 150 artists created dozens of murals around Everett, Washington over the course of four days.

One of the results of this weekend of artwork is that a major mural known as ‘The Lost Samurai’ was rejected by the building’s owner and ‘polished’ or erased by the team. of Arizona who created it in accordance with their agreement for the project.

It was a blow for Trendy murals, local graffiti artist Hyper, the team at Graffaholeks Northwest and the community of artists, creatives and creators who worked on the original event for a year. They went to work to find another location and bring the team back to paint another mural.

This is Scuttlebutt’s outdoor dining room mural.

Scuttlebutt and the City of Everett worked together to make this wall available to the Arizona Artist Team.

Up stepped up the folks at Scuttlebutt Brewing. They had previously commissioned a mural for a wall in the outdoor dining area of ​​their building, but now they’ve donated a huge wall on the north side of the brewery for Spawk, Faust and their entire Arizona crew to come back and create a new mural. . Patrick Kolb is the Taproom Manager at Scuttlebutt.

“I’m excited, his artistry and the world needs to see him,” Kolb said last week. “It’s a great way to show that graffiti art is more than a nuisance.”

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Going All City Northwest Part 2 will run Thursday, September 22 through Sunday, September 25 at Scuttlebutt Brewery and Tap Room at 3314 Cedar in Everett.

In order to cover the cost of returning the Arizona artist team and to pay for paint and materials, limited edition prints of the original “The Lost Samurai” mural were created and printed by Alexander Printing at Everett. The artists signed these prints which are on sale by Hype Murals on their Instagram page.

There are limited places left. Click to register.

There will also be a Pin Striping class with Spawk on Thursday night. In this class they will teach the basic strokes of Curly Q. Style with a history twist on the art form. They will also provide all materials for use in class and have starter kits available for purchase. At the time of this writing, seven online places were available per class. A total of 15 students will be present. – The location of this event is 3314 Cedar Street, Everett WA. Click here to register online and claim your place.

Here is the schedule of events for this week.

Thursday 22: Arrival of the artists!
Pin striping class with Spawk (pre-registration on his website) from 6-9 p.m. at the Scuttlebutt Tap Room. Food truck, drink specials, all are welcome to come hang out and watch!

Friday 23: Painting day
Beats, beer and black books 6pm-11pm Scuttlebutt Tap Room. Eat, drink and make art! DJ, live painting, sticker swapping, black book session

Saturday 24: Painting Day
Graffiti vendors, DJ, food truck, ice cream, community painting project.
Come eat, drink and be merry!
Pick up or buy a print of the Lost Samurai mural! Land open to the public from 10 a.m. – until it is too dark to paint! Tap room and food trucks open at noon.

Sunday 25:
Like Saturday with 2 Food trucks! Tacos and bowls!

Come celebrate this victory for the city of Everett and the graffiti community while fixing what happened to the Lost Samurai mural!

Everyone is welcome to paint so bring the whole family! Group project!! 🙌👏🔥

Get your pre-ordered prints of the Lost Samurai mural on Saturday or Sunday! All proceeds will go directly towards holding this special event!

Follow the Hype Murals Instagram Page for the latest updates.


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