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Eagle-eyed football fans on Twitter got a glimpse of a dozen new Nike national team kits on Monday, including eight sets that will be worn at the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup in Qatar in November and December.

Nike are set to officially unveil a slew of new national team kits later this week. But the Twitter user @esvaphane – which has released credible club and national team kit leaks in the past – beat them to the punch, posting graphics and photos of new home and away kits for 12 nations on Monday. Reliable sources have confirmed to SportsLogos.net that the graphics and photos accurately represent what the final kits will look like.

All 12 countries will use Nike’s new Vaporknit model; Here’s an overview of the 12 countries, starting with those who have qualified for the 2022 World Cup:


The host nation will wear maroon shirts with detailing along the sleeve cuffs reflecting the national flag. The away kit is predominantly white with flecks of gold fading beneath a pattern of interconnecting circles.

Courtesy pictures @esvaphane /Twitter


Australia keeps its traditional yellow house look, this time with a tonal marble pattern throughout. The cuffs of the sleeves are green, as is a yoke at the back of the collar. The away kit is dark blue with mint green collar inserts and cuff trim. The national team crest also appears in monochromatic mint green. Both kits have a seven-pointed star on the back collar.

Courtesy pictures @esvaphane /Twitter


Croatia’s traditional checkerboard pattern gives a modern twist to its home and away kits. The home kits feature red squares on a white base, with a few missing to give a more pixelated appearance. The light blue squares are blurred and distorted on the dark blue away kits as they radiate from the national team crest on the left chest.

Courtesy pictures @esvaphane /Twitter


France are keeping things simple on their home kits, which appear to be more of a grayish blue than in previous years. The national team crest and Nike logo are gold, while the small tricolor appear on the cuffs of the sleeves. The away kit features a subtle pattern of scenes from across France’s history printed on the front and sleeves of the white base.

Courtesy pictures @esvaphane /Twitter


The Netherlands keeps its traditional orange color at home, this time with an abstract tonal pattern – perhaps inspired by a lion’s mane? — over the entire front and sleeves. The Nike logo and the back collar insert are black. The away kit is blue, with black collar inserts and black cuffs with thin orange stripes down the middle. The shade of orange on the away kit crest appears to be darker than the home kit crest

Courtesy pictures @esvaphane /Twitter


Whereas @esvaphane had indicated that Poland’s red jersey would be their home shirt, the Polish national team has traditionally worn white at home. Their new white jersey features a tonal pattern on the shoulders and sleeves and the Polish coat of arms on the left chest. The away kit is solid red, and the white crew neck and sleeve cuffs have narrow red stripes through their centers.

Courtesy pictures @esvaphane /Twitter


Portugal are breaking with tradition somewhat for their new home kits, as they usually don’t feature as much green as the leaked graphic. Red and green blocks are split diagonally across the front of the shirt. The base of the away kit is off-white and features a band around the chest that extends partly to the rear, with green and red separation roughly proportional to how they are split. the portuguese flag. Sleeve cuffs and back collar insert are black.

Courtesy pictures @esvaphane /Twitter


Saudi Arabia traditionally wears white at home, and their new white kits feature a tonal pattern of what appear to be tree branches, leaves and feathers. The crew neck and Nike logo are green. The away kit features an abstract tonal pattern on a dark green base.

Courtesy pictures @esvaphane /Twitter

Nike had previously released Brazil home and away kits early August. National teams whose Nike kits were not among Monday’s leaks include:

  • England
  • United States
  • Canada
  • South Korea

The countries below did not qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar but will still receive new national team kits.


China’s new home kits are predominantly red, with darker red inserts at the front and back of the collar and near the hem. The sleeve cuffs are dark red with thin yellow stripes down the center. The away kit is mint green, with a tonal pattern of dots radiating from the hem to the front of the kit. Points also radiate from the collar of each sleeve. The yokes at the back of the collar and at the cuffs are the same shade of green slightly darker than the polka dots.

Graphic and photo courtesy @esvaphane /Twitter


Nigeria’s new home kit features a green base covered in panels with different tonal patterns throughout. Front and center, however, is the silhouette of a bird – probably an eagle due to the national team “Super Eagles” nickname. The away kit is white with a black and green triangle pattern on the sleeves and green yokes on the front collar, back collar and sleeve cuffs.

Courtesy pictures @esvaphane /Twitter


New Zealand are going back to basics with their new kits. The only embellishments on the white home kit are the black crew neck and sleeve cuffs. The national team logo of a white fern leaf sits on the left chest, outlined in black. The black kit features no trim; the only things that stand out are the Nike logo and the fern leaf on the chest in white.

Courtesy pictures @esvaphane /Twitter


Türkiye traditionally wears red at home and white with a red stripe on the chest. Their new home kits will feature a tonal geometric pattern across the front, apart from a solid red stripe across the chest. The tonal pattern appears again in the red stripe of the away kit, which also features thin red stripes running across the collar and sleeve cuffs. Both kits feature the white star and crescent of the turkish flag as a crest.

Courtesy pictures @esvaphane /Twitter


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