8 Unique Funds to Support on UCF Giving Day


We bounced, stomped and celebrated this UCF Giving Day and felt the impact of Knight Nation’s generosity. With only seven hours remaining, we wanted to highlight a few unique funds for those who are still looking for the right area to support.

Girls Excelling in Mathematics and Science (GEMS)

The GEMS program aims to ensure that female students who have chosen to pursue studies in a STEM discipline are prepared to succeed in the first two years of their university career. Program participants are paired with an experienced industry leader who serves as their mentor for the duration of the program. Students also have access to academic STEM advisors and can attend mentoring events and social activities to help build and grow their professional network. Donations made to GEMS will go towards running the program and supporting the next generation of female scientists.

The Richard Lapchick Prize for the Legacy of Sport and Social Justice

Inspired by founding director of the DeVos Sport Business Management program, and Orlando Sentinel‘s Central Floridian of the Year, Richard Lapchick, this award celebrates his legacy as an international barrier breaker in sport and social justice. Awarded annually to a student in the program, this fund is designed to encourage students to continue the tradition of Lapchick’s legacy.

UCF has been collecting sea turtle research data for over 30 years.

sea ​​turtle research

Help fund innovative sea turtle research and conservation by donating to UCF’s Sea Turtle Research Group. By providing students with on-the-ground education and research opportunities, this program focuses on the biology, ecology, and behavior of sea turtles from eggs to adults, and promotes conservation at local, state, national levels. and internationally.

K-9 Font

In addition to bringing a smile to everyone who meets them, UCF K-9 police officers play a vital role in keeping our students and campus safe. By donating to the UCF Police Department K-9 Fund, you will support the adoption, training and care of our four-legged officers. Who can resist those puppy eyes?

PedsAcademy STEM Pediatrics Program

A partnership between UCF faculty, student teachers, and physicians at Nemours Children’s Hospital, this one-of-a-kind pediatric school program provides patients with educational opportunities tailored to their interests and learning needs. learning. PedsAcademy provides patients across the hospital with access to daily STEM instruction through high-tech learning tools like augmented/virtual reality, robotics, 3D printing and more. Donations made on UCF Giving Day will be used to purchase books, multi-sensory materials and educational technology tools.

Housing Precariousness Fund

According to the most recent survey from the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice, 48% of students are affected by housing insecurity and 14% are affected by homelessness. The Housing Insecurity Fund exists to help students who are experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness so that they can pursue and excel in their studies.

Student Emergency Fund

Created to support students who are experiencing challenges that may make it difficult to continue their education, the Student Emergency Fund helps fund textbooks, fees, and other education-related costs for eligible students.

Veterans Academic Resource Center (VARC)

The Veterans University Resource Center (VARC) was designed to provide student veterans with the tools, resources, and support they need to graduate. By donating to VARC, you will help support the purchase of supplies and the funding of programs and events for the center.

These are just a few of the many great funds you can donate to on UCF Giving Day. We encourage you to explore the full list of funds and donate to the area that matters most to you.


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