3D printing offers “glass” eyes in record time


Obviously, losing an eye would be bad for your vision. But if you think about it, it also damages your appearance. You may not need an eye prosthesis and you can certainly use an eye patch, but many people with this problem have artificial or “glass” eyes. These glass eyes are hand painted discs that fit into the orbit. However, a Brit now has a new type of 3D printed ocular prosthesis, a technology that can potentially cut patient wait times in half.

The existing process is long as it requires taking a mold of the eye socket and manually matching the remaining eye with the new artificial eye. With 3D printing technology, scans of the orbit and the other eye make this process much simpler.

Moorfields Eye Hospital, the source of the eye, says a conventional eye takes about six weeks, but newer ones don’t take more than three weeks. The patient only needs to spend about half an hour doing the tests before the wait begins. We assume that it can also be made inexpensively.

Medicine is adopting 3D printing and we have seen a 3D ear. We are waiting for our personal exoskeleton. Some of the medical 3D printing we’ve seen is for birds.


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