3D printing files that made a big impression in 2021


The end of the year (or the beginning!) is often the occasion for 3Dnatives to look back on the best moments of 2021 and to highlight some of the initiatives that have impacted the 3D printing market. This time, we wanted to highlight the 3D printing files that have had success in 2021 due to their originality, creativity and complexity. We have selected some of the 3D models available on the Cults platform, including files created by the best designers identified by the company. Cults has listed 15 that they say stood out with their STL files. Take a look and don’t wait to download these 3D models and start your 3D printer!

An articulated dragon printed in place

We start from a Print-in-Place model, that is to say an articulated model that does not require any assembly after printing. It is a dragon created by the Spanish designer mcgybeer. The file was a huge hit within the Cults community, with 17,800 downloads in just 45 days! With the exception of the legendary animal’s mustache, the entire piece prints in one go. The designer recommends a slow, thick first coat at 0.3mm with a speed of 8mm per second. You can download the pattern for $4 HERE.

photo credit: mcgybeer

3D print your own King Kong

The Toymakr3D designer specializes in the design of articulated robots inspired by film or cartoon characters. For the top 3D printing files of 2021, we have chosen the articulated Mecha King Kong which is 32 cm tall. It includes several parts to 3D print and assemble – you will definitely need some patience if you want to reproduce it at home. The designer released a video of the different stages of creating the piece. Check out this impressive robot for yourself below:

Inasmuch as

A homemade advent calendar

If you are a fan of additive manufacturing, you have surely already heard of the Youtube artist Heliox who shares many 3D printing projects and his tips for successful creations. This year, she unveiled a DIY advent calendar, surely more original than the traditional chocolates. It is made up of 24 small 3D printed gifts to be attached to a garland. You will have to print the gift with its ribbon, as well as the different numbers to know which box to open on the right day. No print media is needed. A good idea for next year!

3d files 2021

Photo credits: Heliox

A small table to adapt to all your desires

Studio Boem designs original 3D printed furniture and objects for your home. For this announcement, we have chosen the Piano Table whose height can be adapted by simply turning the top of the table, as with photo booth stools. Depending on the size of your 3D printer, you can also adapt the size of this table. The 3D model can be downloaded from cults for $13.53.

Photo credits: Boem

The old-fashioned vehicles of Alphonse Marcel

Alphonse Marcel is a Parisian designer who is mainly inspired by dieselpunk and steampunk trends. For our 2021 3D printing files, we wanted to highlight this old-fashioned car in parts. The proposed 3D file includes the body, the hood, the grille, the steering wheel, the wheels as well as several accessories such as gas cans, tires or the driver. The designer claims that the total print time will be around 9 hours.

Photo credits: Alphonse Marcel

Highly detailed 3D print files in 2021

Designer EmanG is passionate about roleplaying games and decorative figurines, a passion that led him to imagine several impressive 3D printing files in 2021. They are extremely detailed, especially if you choose to make them in stereolithography. The 3D printed parts represent all kinds of creatures, including “warrior rats”. It is extremely precise and meticulous work that earned it a place in our ranking!

Photo credits: EmanG

Easier tea storage for convenient 3D print files from 2021

German designer gazzaladra offers many useful 3D models for everyday use, all of which can be printed on an FDM machine without supports. For example, this tea bag dispenser to hang in your kitchen. With a size of 66 x 77 mm, it can hold 25 tea bags. The wall mount is also included in the download and also needs to be 3d printed. The designer recommends using a classic PLA.

3D files 2021

The tea bag dispenser hangs on the wall (photo credits: Cults)

A 3D printed version of your favorite mask

Clown, Deadpool, Spiderman, SquidGame: the designer Bstar3Dart has imagined a whole series of ultra-realistic masks that can be printed in 3D. Along with meticulously created designs, he spends many hours painting, adding aesthetics and realism to the prop. We chose one of the masks from Netflix’s flagship series, Squid Game, for its removability and practicality. It is composed of 3 parts to be printed: the upper mask, the lower mask and a nose support for those who wear glasses. You can then make the symbol in the middle from a simple stencil and a paint bucket as you will see below:

Inasmuch as

3D printed miniature planes

It is difficult to talk about 3D printing without mentioning the aerospace industry because it is one of the sectors of activity that uses 3D technologies the most today. This is why the creator CLERC is put forward. He is an aviation enthusiast and an aircraft maintenance engineer. Thanks to his hobby, he has created several Boeing, Airbus or De Havilland models using 3D printing. He recommends the use of FDM and PLA for the aircraft itself. The paint job afterwards will bring this realistic side that we find on all these 3D models.

3D files 2021

A 3D printed Boeing 747-8 (photo credits: CLERX)

Goddess Vase 3D print files for everyone in 2021

We always need a vase at home, so why not 3D print it? The designer Pipe_cox offers 3D models of pots for your succulents or cacti. They represent the faces of Aphrodite and Venus, goddesses of love, beauty and fertility respectively in ancient Greece and Rome. The parts were printed in PLA without support and then painted by hand for an even more aesthetic result. You will be able to personalize your small vases according to your desires! Note that the designer has designed multiple 3D printing files of vases throughout 2021, so there is something for everyone!

Photo credits: Pipe_Cox

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