3D Printed Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Treats from Sugar Lab


It’s the season to eat chocolate, or whatever. This holiday season, the Sugar Lab is back with another cheerful collection of 3D printed treats. Chefs at the world’s first digital bakery have concocted 3D-printed peppermint mocha chocolates just like everyone’s favorite coffee mugs. Using sugar as a 3D printing material, Sugar Lab is a Los Angeles-based confectioner founded by Lyz and Kyle von Hasseln in 2012. With Binder Jetting technology, instead of using the typical polymer or in ceramic powder, the Sugar Lab relies on the chemical properties of sugar to 3D print complex treats. This sweet innovation sparked the interest of additive manufacturing giant 3D Systems, which bought the startup a year later.

At Sugar Lab Roasting Co., we believe that wearing a fresh peppermint mocha is the closest thing to holding the holiday itself in your hands.», Specifies the website of the bakery. Plus, if by any chance you need to sprinkle a little more holiday cheer on these mugs, the bakery is able to customize or revamp the 3D printed coffee mugs with anything of your brand for an event. , a party theme or for a special gift. .

3D printed treats

With whip or without whip? (Photo credit: sugar lab)

Sugar Lab 3D Printed Treats and Gifts

The Sugar Lab has started a tradition that as each holiday season approaches, the company brings back its “Sugar Lab Roasting Co.” with seasonal sweets. This year, the Sugar Lab Roasting Co. presents Peppermint Mocha 3D printed in a decadent chocolate candy inside an intricately designed edible coffee cup with festive colors and patterns. The delicious on-the-go coffee cups are created by 3D printing peppermint flavored sugar, followed by a generously poured espresso dark chocolate ganache made with real espresso.

Often in food 3D printing, and dealing with edible sugar or powder, binder jetting is the technology used. This technology is used in 3D Systems’ Brill 3D Culinary Studio, which offers advantages such as fast manufacturing and low material costs. However, a rough surface finish provides a certain aesthetic that works well with certain applications. Additionally, high machine costs make 3D food printing a business for few companies at present. While the Sugar Lab relies on the design expertise of former architects to make their culinary creations cost a little more than your average chocolates, the cost doesn’t seem to be a deterrent to customers because, due to high demand , pre-orders for these new holiday treats that are made after December 1 will begin shipping in January. You can find out more about the company HERE.

3D printed treats

Custom orders are available through Sugar Lab PRO.

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