10 Weirdest Gachapons Spotted In Tokyo This Month


There’s nothing in the world like a gachapon machine. While many countries dispense toys and candy from tiny vending machines, the creativity contained in a capsule of Japanese gachapon seemingly knows no bounds. Most gachas contain toys, jewelry, and miniatures, but some are harder to explain than others.

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These eccentric gachapons are currently handing out what might be the perfect gifts for the person who has everything, because “everything” isn’t likely to include fashionable corn rings or statuettes of sparrows armed with sniper rifles.

ten The Corn Engagement Ring Everyone Needs

Buying a ring is normal when planning a proposal, although many clients have realized that buying diamonds is a kind of racketeering. Those skeptical of tradition might want to consider something hornier.

Bright Link’s Gachapon series of corn engagement rings offers five alternative ring designs: corn on the cob, single core, single burnished core, trifecta core, and beautiful popcorn bloom. Only the pickiest of people could resist a proposal accompanied by one of these delectable treasures.

9 Plant Pets Awaiting Adoptionad gashapon corn animals

Caring for pets is never easy and vegetables tend to spoil if not used quickly. Considering these facts, adopting an animal-vegetable hybrid pet can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, StandStones plant pets require little care outside of daily admiring.

The set includes the following chimeras: llama x corn, cat x garlic, dog x cabbage, button mushroom x rabbit and what appears to be a shiitake mushroom x ferret.

8 Gyaru can also do craftsgyaru gashapon origami show

The gyaru subculture has been part of Tokyo’s fashion tapestry for decades, although the style is mostly spotted in specific neighborhoods, such as Harajuku and Shinjuku. A transliteration of the word “gal”, the gyaru style is both a tribute to standards of beauty and a half-challenge to them. The Gyaru often paint their skin orange or brown, wear white lipstick and extravagant makeup, bleach their hair, and have particularly long fingernails.

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Long fingernails are important here, as these one-of-a-kind gachapon origami cranes have each been individually bent by gyaru whose hands are weighed down with sharp manicures. Given this, no two of these cranes are alike and few are made correctly. Like the gyaru subculture itself, the rough edges are half the appeal.

seven These birds are looking back (and they’re armed)gashapon series sniper birds

Makers Kitan Club and Alfred Hitchcock might have a lot to say on the subject of ornithophobia. But even Hitchcock may never have thought that birds could be armed with more than talons and beaks. Kitan Club chose to add firearms to the mix.

This gachapon selection of sparrow snipers is actually a second release, and the series sold well when it first aired. Bird watchers beware: the abyss is watching too, as the set also includes sparrow spotters with binoculars.

6 Brother, do you even lift (chopsticks)?quaila gashapon bodybuilder

On tough days, even the smallest of tasks can be difficult. Qualia understands and wants consumers to know that help is available. For those who don’t feel up to the task of lifting a set of chopsticks, consider asking for the backing of a beef cupcake.

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Although not a completely new idea, miniatures are a staple of gachapon, after all, the gachapon machine in a gachapon machine is particularly powerful. The creators of Gachapon have long understood that small recreations of reality have an inherent charm and sometimes get a little meta-cognitive with the concept.

However, this particular series of mini gachapon from StandStones may disappoint some buyers. The machines do not distribute the miniatures themselves. Instead, each customer receives a 3D print file that allows them to print their own little machines at home.

4 Silver handkerchief (for those who cannot spare real money)money-handkerchiefs

Life shouldn’t be about looks, but sometimes people feel pressured to appear more confident or richer than they really are. Bright Link’s gachapon division once again comes to the rescue with silver napkins for those wondering how to leave an impression of being rich.

Summer leaves everyone sweating, but at least these bills make wiping the sweat off feel a little more Gucci. There are six varieties available, but unfortunately none of them can be used as real currency.

3 Fall for dangerous fake bath matsbright link gashapon series dangerous bath mat

Very few things in life are as exciting as spooking house guests, as pranksters the world over can attest. And yet, this particular prank also has a practical aspect. The real trap, after all, is slipping out of the tub, and while a broken manhole cover or an illusion of vacuum seems daunting, safety comes first.

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These bath mat gachas come in five different varieties, ranging from open pits to manhole covers. How they create a convincing deception is uncertain, but if nothing else, they should elicit a laugh or two.

2 Mark the scene of a novel crime

Many readers struggle to put down a good book, but few bookworms have ever considered the harm they cause to their bookmarks. Considering the popularity of the mystery and crime genres, these crime scene bookmarks aren’t even a hard sell. Although being crushed between the pages seems to be the main cause of death, the only apparent motive for this design is to amuse.

Bright Link released this series of crime scene bookmarks in December 2021, and now these gachas are getting harder and harder to find. Soon, these bookmarks will be relegated to cold case files.

1 Photos of strangers without smiling capsule-id-pg

ID photos of strangers have become the source of some online buzz. The set includes ten different photos of strangers that nothing is known about. A sort of experience available only in Shinjuku, the series far exceeded sales expectations.

Designer Terai Hiroki explained that due to the restrictions of a pandemic era, people miss seeing the faces of strangers in general. Terai, an artist also responsible for publishing a book of photographs featuring only photos of crying handsome men, certainly knows how to tap into the bizarre pathos of human nature.


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