10 Cheap TikTok Dorm Decorating Ideas for 2022 You Can DIY


School is back on whether you like it or not, and it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming semester. You’re probably not excited about buying your textbooks, saying goodbye to your family, and getting up early to go to class soon. But looking on the bright side, you can decorate a new dorm. Maybe you can’t wait to share a suite with your best friends this year, or you could have finally scored a single bedroom that you can decorate however you like. You can totally DIY a lot of decor this time around, because this list of cheap and easy dorm room projects from TikTok proves you can create a vibe with just a few supplies.

That’s the most important thing after all – the mood, that’s what. Your dorm room becomes your home away from home for an entire school year. It’s where you’ll study for exams, establish healthy routines and practice self-care, and where your friends will come to watch movies or get ready for a night out together. It’s very important to make your dorm room reflect your style, as it will put you at ease and improve your mood – or at least make those late-night study sessions a little more comfortable.

These inexpensive dorm decor pieces prove that you really can kill the dorm game on a budget. Much of the material you can get at a dollar store or thrift store, which is easy on your wallet and low risk if you’re worried about messing up a paint job. If you need inspiration for cheap dorm decor, check out these easy dorm decor ideas that are trending on TikTok right now.

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Homemade graphic prints

Bold and colorful prints are great for the 2022 dorm season and you don’t have to spend a lot to get the same look. @taylorstewartttt showed on TikTok how she’s creating her own take on the popular style at home. First, she logs on to Canva.com to design her graphics. She starts with a brightly colored background, overlays a large shape like a flower or leaf in a contrasting hue, and adds bold text. Then you just need to print the page and insert it in a gold frame. Nobody will have the same design as you and you will save a lot on art prints.

Collage of framed photos

Obviously, you have more photos with your friends and your favorite summer memories than you know what to do with, but you definitely want them hanging to look at all the time. You can totally hang them up without it looking cluttered, like in this DIY picture frame from @dormify. Get a cheap or used frame from a dollar store and glue all of your selected snapshots together to match the aesthetic of your room. Then just hang it on your dorm wall with command strips or poster putty. You can easily swap the photos with the seasons and create new memories. Now whenever your best friends visit, you can reminisce about the good times.

Butterfly string garland

This super cute decor detail will take your dorm room from dull to magical – and it’s a lot easier than you think. @hannahscoot posted a TikTok by simply printing out black and white images of butterflies and filling in the white space with colored markers like a coloring book. Then she painted a coat of Mod Podge on top to seal the design and cut out the butterflies. She spaced them out on a length of twine and tied them to create a whimsical garland that looks lovely hanging on its own or next to green vines or moss.

Personalized wall clock

Whether you really need a clock or not, it definitely looks sophisticated hanging above a desk or sitting on a side table. @emilyrayna’s personalized wall clock idea is really inexpensive and makes a great decor piece. Just grab this $4 wall clock from Walmart and use some paint to create a stylish design.

Paint it Cow Print

@maddysinjoy’s TikTok is a good reminder that anything can be cute if you paint it cow print. In her video, she uses black paint on her white storage cart to do cow stains and trims the handles in bright orange. Simple but effective. You can apply this philosophy to any of your dorm decor that is boring and in need of a spruce up.

Mobile Shell And Sea Glass

If you’ve spent all summer collecting seashells at the beach, here’s a cute way to display them in your bedroom. @battleofnadia shows how she made this mobile with beads, shells and sea glass by stringing them together (much like making a bracelet) and attaching the strands to a piece of driftwood to hang and swing in the breeze .

Floating Cloud Lanterns

These DIY hanging clouds create such a cozy and soft ambiance alongside twinkling string lights in your dorm room. @loonathewurld filmed a TikTok making them simply by heat gluing polyfil (pillow stuffing) to paper lanterns. She even added paper stars and moons for an extra dreamy effect.

$20 headboard

Let’s face it, the beds that come in college dorms are ugly. That’s probably why dorm room headboards are so popular this year, but they can be pricey. @emilyrayna’s headboard hack is pretty awesome since it’s only about $20. In her TikTok, she takes a bunch of picture frames she bought at the dollar store and glues them to a large foam board. After a few coats of spray paint, you can place it behind your bed and you’re done. This twin bed is much more glamorous.

Colored Gemstone Disco Ball

This colorful crystal disco ball project by @madeyem00dy is so easy to make and makes for a groovy decor piece that shines when the lights are low. It’s really just a foam ball, multicolored gemstones, hot glue, and string.

Fresh moss mirror

@viennaskye shows how to make a foam filled mirror that looks super stylish and adds a bit of personality to a basic item. You will just need a mirror, foam spray and color paints to match your dorm decor. Imagine how cute it will look in your mirror selfies.


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